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Yanfeng high precision aluminum door engraving machine
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High-precision aluminum door engraving machine Specifications (stepping)

Note: The super-large processing equipment can be customized according to user needs.




Table size


Processing size



Pneumatic pressure plate table

Maximum operating speed


Maximum cutting speed

1.5-4 M/min

Spindle motor power

Water-cooled 380V 5.5KW spindle (constant power)

Spindle speed


Spindle chuck


Operating Voltage


Z-axis travel

Within 150mm



Instruction format

Compatible with HPGL 2D, 3D instruction set ENG format, G instruction


Unlimited (similar to computer)


Hailip 380V 5.5KW

XYZ rail

Taiwan imported high-precision Shangyin linear guide

transfer method

XYZ high precision rack and pinion transmission

Automatic fuel dispenser


Spray device


Garbage collection box



Dongguan Oruike aluminum (single) curtain wall special-shaped CNC cutting machine equipment, the cutting width can be customized according to customer requirements.


Advantages and Features:

Oruike large-format professional CNC aluminum plate cutting machine equipment is an aluminum plate CNC cutting equipment developed by Dongguan Yanfeng CNC. It is aimed at the production of aluminum veneer, fluorocarbon sprayed plate, aluminum-plastic panel, special-shaped blanking, special-shaped cutting, slotting, marking and other signs for railway stations, light rail subways, light aircraft, and heavy machinery, which are increasingly popular in decorative materials. Parts production, and development of professional CNC cutting equipment. The production of special-shaped parts is 2-3 times that of the imported CNC brick tower punching machine from Japan.

This industry requires high processing speed, no damage to the surface of aluminum, good precision, no oil stains on the workpiece after processing, good cleanliness and smoothness and other special requirements. Compared with other similar devices, it has the following points:

1. No damage to the material: The milling cutter is used to ensure that the workpiece is not damaged.

2. Clean: natural oil mist, high-pressure gas cooling, no pollution to the workpiece after processing, easy post-processing.

3. Efficiency and convenience: According to the CAD or CorelDRAW drawings of receipts issued by customers, they can be converted into machine processing codes in all aspects, without lofting and other equipment assistance, directly processing products and workpieces required by customers, and computer typesetting saves materials.

4. The machine works for 8 hours a day, and the output can reach 500-1000².

5. High precision and high finish of the workpiece Compared with the customer's drawing, the error is less than 0.1 MM, the finish of the workpiece is good, and no grinding is required.

6. Unique pneumatic positioning platen device, accurate feeding, high speed and high efficiency.

This product is widely used by aluminum veneer aluminum curtain wall manufacturers such as Guangdong Foshan, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shenzhen, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Kunming, Wuhan, Beijing, Shenyang, Dandong, Tianjin, Zhengzhou, etc. support.

[Oruike] CNC aluminum veneer cutting machine's [extraordinary rigidity] brings its unique [strong physique]. Our [humanized design] brings [personalized needs] to your company.

The production quality and efficiency of our products have been implemented for your company, so [Oruike] CNC aluminum veneer cutting machine is [ideal choice] for your company.


Technical description Official website: WWW.

[Oruike] CNC aluminum veneer cutting machine is a CNC mechatronics product. It adopts international standard instructions and can be connected to CAD/CAM series software at will. It can easily complete the three-dimensional processing of computer design. The precision is higher than 0.02 mm, and the technical level is completely Equivalent to the latest CNC equipment of the same kind in the United States. [Ourek] CNC aluminum plate cutting machine truly has three-axis linear linkage function, and is a computer peripheral product that meets international standards.

●     The automatic tool setting function can measure the origin of the material surface with just one touch.

●     The unique jog [step] numerical control function can precisely adjust the position of the tool tip.

●     Allows dynamic adjustment of machining speed and tool drop speed during machining.

●     Software control automatically completes multi-face 3D machining.

●     The intelligent 3D computer numerical control function truly realizes the three-axis linear linkage, which can carry out fast and smooth three-dimensional processing, drilling or special-shaped cutting, special-shaped blanking, hollow carving and other processes.

●     Large-capacity memory, users can quickly complete processing.

●     The material can be extended arbitrarily along the front and rear directions, which is convenient for processing.

●     Application industry: aluminum veneer special-shaped cutting and blanking, train and subway station signage production, aircraft heavy machinery spare parts processing, industrial processing, industrial wire cutting, woodworking furniture manufacturing, toy gift industry, decoration and decoration industry, etc.

●     Machinable materials: aluminum veneer, aluminum curtain wall panels, aluminum profiles, fluorocarbon sprayed panels, aluminum-plastic panels, organic acrylic panels, engineering hard plastics, acrylic, copper and synthetic metals, etc.


Performance characteristics

1. Fast speed and high efficiency: the running speed can reach 20 meters per minute, and the cutting speed of 12MM aluminum plate can reach 1.5M/min—4M/min

2. Powerful: The cutting and drilling can cut the aluminum plate 3---8MM at one time, and the cutting opening is smooth and not deformed. 

3. High precision: computer control can achieve accurate positioning for small items. 

4. Good stability: it can work 24 hours a day without interruption, and it can also stop processing at any time. Low scrap rate,

5. Excellent components: It adopts German high temperature quenching rack and pinion transmission, imported linear guide rail, excellent CNC system, imported bearings, and high-power imported electric spindle. 

6. Reasonable design: It adopts advanced rack and pinion transmission, which has fast speed, large force and smooth cutting section. 

7. Software compatibility: Compatible with various CAD/CAM design and production software such as Type3/Artcam/castmate/Wentai. 

8. Worry-free performance: It has functions such as breakpoint, power failure recovery, processing time prediction, etc., and the real humanized design. 

【Oruike】Aluminum plate CNC cutting machine - our humanized design brings personalized needs to customers, an ideal choice, and a truly worry-free product for you.

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