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The development direction of CNC technology of engraving machine in the future.
Time: 2021-12-27 Views: 154

Science and technology is the primary productive force, and the rapid development of science and technology has driven the development of productive forces. Therefore, with the penetration and development of artificial intelligence in the computer field, the numerical control system has introduced control mechanisms such as adaptive control, fuzzy system and neural network. The control performance of the CNC system has been continuously improved and improved, which is reflected in the engraving machine industry, the continuous progress of engraving machine CNC technology! In order to meet the needs of the market and the development of science and technology, and meet the higher requirements of modern manufacturing technology for CNC technology, at present, the development direction of world CNC technology and its equipment is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Networking: It is convenient for remote operation and monitoring, and it is also convenient for remote diagnosis and adjustment of faults. It is not only conducive to the monitoring and maintenance of products by CNC system manufacturers, but also suitable for unmanned workshops of large-scale modern production. The implementation of network It is also suitable for working in an environment where the operator is not suitable for the scene.

2. Flexibility: Flexibility refers to the ability of index control equipment to adapt to changes in processing objects. The trend of the development of CNC machine tools to flexible automation systems is: on the one hand, the point is the CNC stand-alone machine, the line is the flexible manufacturing system, etc. to the face, which is the independent manufacturing island of the workshop, and the body is the distributed network integrated manufacturing system. On the one hand, it develops in the direction of focusing on application and economy. The focus of flexible automation technology is to improve the reliability and practicality of the system, with the goal of easy networking and integration.

3. Intelligence: With the demand of artificial intelligence automation, the intelligent technology of numerical control system continues to develop, and the degree of flexibility and energyization in order to adapt to manufacturing production is constantly improving. Intelligence not only runs through the whole process of production and processing, but also runs through the after-sales service and maintenance of products. That is to say, not only the CNC system is intelligent when controlling the machining of the machine tool, but also when the system fails, the diagnosis and maintenance are also intelligent, and the requirements for the operation and maintenance personnel are minimized.

4. High-speed, high-efficiency, high-precision, high-reliability: To improve processing efficiency, cutting and feed rates must first be increased, and at the same time, processing time must be shortened; Reliability is the basic guarantee for the above goals. For this reason, the world's advanced numerical control systems all use 32-bit microprocessors, with a main frequency of tens to hundreds of megabytes, and a maximum rapid feed rate of 240m/min when the minimum setting unit is 1um. At the same time, the world's advanced numerical control system improves the machining accuracy of the numerical control system by reducing the control error of the numerical control system and using compensation technology.

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