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Reasons and solutions for low processing quality of engraving machine
Time: 2021-12-27 Views: 188

During the processing of the engraving machine, the problem of low processing quality will occur. And why the processing quality is not high, the relevant departments have done a careful analysis, and put forward a solution to the large aluminum profile processing center:
The low processing quality is usually reflected in two aspects: low dimensional accuracy and unsatisfactory surface roughness. The main reasons for these two phenomena are:
1) The rigidity of the process system. Including stiffness of machine tools, fixtures, tools and workpieces.
2) Processing technology. Check whether the cutting amount setting in programming is correct, whether the path is correct, and whether the speed parameter is correct.
3) Tool selection and tool quality. Whether the pile of tools is suitable for the processing of the current workpiece, and whether the tool is seriously worn.
4) Whether the main shaft bearing of the engraving machine is used properly, and whether the quality has passed the large-scale aluminum profile machining center.

So what can be done to improve the processing quality?
1. Set the correct and reasonable processing path.
Whether the path is correct or not has a great impact on the processing quality. If the processing technology during programming is unreasonable, such as the setting of the path spacing is too large, and the setting of the cutting method is unreasonable, the final processing quality will be affected, for example, the surface roughness of the product will not meet the requirements. . If the path is set incorrectly, such as an overcut path, it will directly cause the product size to not meet the requirements.

2. Set reasonable feed speed parameters.
Whether the feed speed is appropriate will also affect the final product quality. For example, when the surface is finished, the feed speed cannot be set too high.

3. Select the appropriate tool type and ensure that the tool quality and the tool are within the normal wear range.
That is to say, it is necessary to ensure that the type and size of the tool during processing are correct, and that severely worn tools cannot be used. Only such processing quality can be guaranteed.

4. Install high-quality engraving machine spindle bearings.

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