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Maintenance of aluminum plate engraving machine
Time: 2022-02-24 Views: 121

1. The track of the mechanical part of the aluminum plate engraving machine and the matching track slider are an important part of the engraving machine and an important accessory for the operation of the engraving machine.

2. In the actual work of the engraving machine, the engraving machine will not move in a certain direction. Check the electrical part, driver, connection, and stepper motor. There is no problem. Later, it will be found that the slider of the track died violently. , In terms of seasons, there are more winters. In terms of the industry that uses aluminum plate engraving machines, it is generally more common to do MDF.

3. The reason for this phenomenon is that the daily maintenance work is not done well, especially for those with high working frequency and harsh environment. It is also necessary to strengthen the maintenance of the track of the aluminum plate engraving machine. Generally, it takes a week to half a month to clean the slider of the aluminum plate engraving machine. When cleaning, you can use diesel or gasoline without viscosity. Use grease with a very high viscosity ratio, which is more likely to cause the slider to die violently in winter. After cleaning the aluminum engraving machine, add some lubricant.

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