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Skin stretching machine equipment
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Due to its high processing difficulty and few manufacturers that can produce hyperbolic panels, many projects can only abandon the original design scheme, which makes it difficult to accurately express the designer's design concept in the overall effect.
The company boldly explores, innovates independently, and uses the principle of three-dimensional modeling to solve the difficult technology in the aluminum veneer industry—the production and design process of hyperboloid aluminum veneer, and it has become one of the few in China that can actually mass-produce hyperboloid aluminum veneer. It is one of the enterprises with complex special-shaped boards, providing designers with a broader imagination and design space.
The layout effect is better than the common hyperbolic panels produced by split welding, and the installation effect is smoother than the so-called "straight instead of curved" false hyperbolic arcs, which fully demonstrates the use of hyperbolic aluminum veneer in metal curtain walls and ceilings. irreplaceable unique charm.

Applicable places: large commercial office buildings, municipal office projects, convention and exhibition centers, large venues, museums, high clubs, hospital complexes, hotel lobbies, railway stations, subways, convention and exhibition centers, airports and other buildings.


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